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Is Your Motorhome ready for the 2012 London Low Emmissions Zone rulings?

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Your Motorhome

At Tomsett Kent  we can offer servicing and repairs to most sizes of motor homes. We have a 6 metre lift facility so we can service and MOT motorhomes with a wheel base of up to 6m and up to 5.5 tonnes.

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We are proud Motor home owners ourselves so we understand the importance of quality service being carried out to keep it in optimum condition for those long treks.

Whether it is a weekend trip to the coast of a years tour of the Australian outback, there are checks you can carry out yourself to avoid basic problems on your journey.

Before setting off in your motorhome

Secure everything! - It may sound obvious but make sure all loose articles are stowed away,  avoid putting heavy items in overhead cupboards. Load the motorhome so that the heavier items are distributed evenly and placed as near to the floor as possible e.g. in the lower cupboards. Make sure the gas cylinders are turned off, secure and in the right position. Most fridges have a lock, check that this is engaged.

If you are loading your roof rack, again, try to spread the load evenly.

Check your tyre pressures and that your wheel nuts are tightened. Don't forget to retract your exterior step if you have one.

Towing a trailer

If you are towing a trailer behind your motorhome, its manoeuvrability will be reduced and it will take more effort to climb hills. The acceleration and braking ability will be altered to be aware when needing to slow down or negotiate a corner. Your motorhome will also consume more fuel.  Here are some useful tips for towing in your motorhome.1) Just before going down a steep hill, change down in gear to brake the engine. 2) Check the tyre pressures of the trailer - the trailer manufacturer will have its own recommended tyre pressures to adhere to. 3) Make sure the trailer lights and brakes are working before you set off. 4) If possible, position the load over the axles of the trailer to improve the stability, and again, try to distribute it evenly.


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