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Choosing Your Car Insurance

There are many many car insurers around these days with new ones springing up every week so it is worth knowing a few things about car insurance before you choose. There are three  main types of car insurance; third party only, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. Third party only insurance is the least expensive type of cover, however this does not cover your car for fire or theft. This will only cover the repairs made to a driver's car and medical costs to the occupants in the event of you running into them. It will not cover repairs or medical costs for yourself. Third party fire and theft insurance covers you for third party and also if your car is set on fire or stolen. This type of insurance can be significantly cheaper than fully comprehensive cover especially for young drivers with cars under the value of 1000. However it does not cover your car if the accident was your fault. Fully Comprehensive insurance cover covers all the above and also will pay for your car repairs even if the accident was your fault. It is the best suited to owners of more expensive cars as in the event of an accident, it can mean saving on hefty repair costs. There are many factors upon which the cost of your car insurance will depend and your quote can vary quite dramatically from insurer to insurer. This is because each insurance company usually has its speciality. For instance some car insurers are able to offer more experienced drivers better premiums. It is well worth getting a quote from at least ten insurance companies when choosing car insurance because as mentioned before, they vary greatly. The internet has made it easier to shop around for your car insurance but it can still be frustrating filling in the forms time and time again. A brilliant web tool to use for insurance quotes is, where you enter your details just once and it brings back the results for the most popular insurers, as well as independent ones which can be just as good. Most people look for the cheapest insurance but do listen out for the opinions of your friends and family on their experiences of service from insurers as this is important, there is not point in having the cheapest

Once you have chosen your insurer and used them for a year, it is still advisable to have a look round at renewal time for better quotes if only just to keep your insurer on it's toes!



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