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Checking Your Levels

If you regularly check you oil and water levels, unnecessary damage to your car can be avoided. This is especially important in older cars. You should check the oil and water levels once every fortnight.

Checking your oil:

For your safety, Do not check your levels when the engine is still hot. Make sure the engine is cool before you carry out the following steps.

Your car will have a dipstick located in the engine somewhere. It will stick out and may have a coloured handle. Refer to your car handbook if you are unable to find it. Take this out and wipe the oil from it with a rag. Then replace it fully, pull it out again and check that the top of the oil mark lies between the upper and lower limits. If it is below the minimum, you need to top up your oil immediately. The oil reservoir will usually have a screw cap located near the dipstick. Top up with the correct oil for your car - again, your handbook will tell you the type of oil suited to your car.

Checking your water:

It is important to maintain the water level in the cooling system of your car. The water will need anti-freeze mixed with it (one part anti-freeze to two parts water). The anti-freeze is particularly important during the winter but it also does your engine good to have throughout the year to prevent rusting on the inside of the radiator.

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